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Orwin Ramawan

www.gitarisindonesia.com - Orwin Ramawan, Owin (Guitarist & Songwriter from Jakarta) , he was born in Padang, May 3rd, 1987. he is one of Indonesian Guitarist. Trisakti Graduates Magister Management in 2014.

He started to learn guitar since 5 years old and in 11 years old ,he was inspired by his mother and his brother. And then He continued studies to electric guitar with Mr Ricky Nasution di LPM Chic's Rawamangun East Jakarta. And now He become a Guitar Private Instructor & Guitar Instructor at Purwacaraka Music Studio, BJ Music School since 2010 - present

He was influenced by :
Tohpati - Indonesian Guitarist
Richie kotzen, Jimi hendrix, Nuno bettencourt, Saul hudson, Scott henderson, Pat metheny, Frank gambale, Joe pass, etc

Master pieces - Single & Album:
2016 - Album "Are You Alone?" by Are You Alone? band (Demajors label)
2017 - Single "Jingga" by OWN band Amplop Records)
2018 - Cassette Album "Merah Bercerita" by Are You Alone? band (Dust Music label)
2019 - Album "Own Band Trio" by OWN band (Musicblast.id label)

Guitar solo :
Guitaritual Vol. 1 (Musicblast.id label)

Gear / equipment:
- Fender Stratocaster HSS America
- D'addario String 10-46
- Zoom G3N, Boss FV 50L, Zoom MS70, Clockwork Delay, Boss PS-6, Ehx Soulfood, Boss GE-7, Suhr Riot, TS Mini, Marshall JCM-900.

Experience community :

Link Social Media :

Youtube (Orwin Ramawan):

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Music Experience :
1. "The Best Guitarist" at Band Festival in Jakarta year 2009-2010.
2. Java Jazz 2012 with Espoza band.
3. Trisakti Blues Festival with OWN band year 2012-2015
4. A gig as session guitarist with several idol singer such as: Rini idol, Rio idol, Yoda idol (2011) & Helena idol (2016).
5. Jakcloth gig with AreYouAlone? Year 2016-2017
6. Top 8 Grand Final National representation from Jakarta with OWN band in Gandaria City "Levis Band Hunt" year 2017.
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