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Maret 05, 2019
Www.gitarisindonesia.com - Ahmad Fajri Known as Fajarsannn, he was born in Jakarta January, 31 1992. he is one of indonesian guitarist. He...Read More


Agustus 06, 2018
www.gitarisindonesia.com - Thesar Zacharias Liando nick name Thesar, was born in Jakarta on April 12, Thesar is one of Indonesian Fusion  ...Read More

Ceppi Nyonk

Juli 16, 2018
Www.gitarisindonesia.com - Ceppi Nyonk, was Born at Balikpapan November 29th, 1988. Ceppi Nyonk  is one of  Indonesian Rock Guitarist. He ...Read More

Ale Funky

Juni 27, 2018
www.gitarisindonesia.com- Ari Kurniawan nick name Ale Funky is a rock guitarist from Bogor. Ale Funky the guitarist of LADA band. And he i...Read More

Andy Owen

Mei 21, 2018
www.gitarisindonesia.com -  Andy Owen is a Rock guitarist was born in Purwokerto as well as a member of the band called TSP stands for &qu...Read More



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