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Syech Razie Ali Maula Dawilah

Www.gitarisindonesia.com - Syech Razie Ali Maula Dawilah, was Born at Jakarta April 21st 1976 , Arabic singer Gambus / Oud Player , Musical Background In 1993 My father brought 11strings instrument called ͞Gambus͟ in south East Asia also named as ͞Oud͟ in middle east and he encouraged me to learn more about this instrument. And enjoy this instrument more that you enjoy modern music instrument͟.
I learned autodidact by listening to instrumental solo Gambus, watching some video of solo Gambus concert. I played Gambus until 1995 and then stop for 8 years, because i wanted to concentrate on my study when i was in Dubai. Beginning 2003 I started back collaborating Gambus with Jazz, Rock and other music such

Oud Playing skills Influenced by :
1. Syed Segaf as segaf (indonesia)
2. Fareed Al Atrash (Turky)
3. Ahmed Fathi (Yemen)
4. Abbadi Jouhar (Saudi Arabia)
5. Dr Abdel Rab Idris (Yemen)
6. Abdullah Ruwaishied (Kuwait)
7. Fadhil Ahmad (Malaysia)

1. Dubai Shopping Festival at global village 2004
2. Arab Cultural Festival, Jakarta 2005
3. Bukit Bintang ͞Arab Season festival͟ 2010 & 2011
4. Seminar ͞ Music and dance in islam at International Institute of Advance Islamic Studies͟ 2011 & 2012
5. FINAS Malam Bersama Bintang (MBB) 2010
6. Majalah Tiga at TV3 2012
7. Wanita Hari ini Tv3 2011
8. Live performance at Al Hijrah TV 2011
9. Uni KL 2013 seminar ͞Syair dan Bahasa Nusantara͟
10. Dewan Craft Tangan ͞Save Gaza Charity Events͟ 2013
11. Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV3, 2013
12. GAPENA event since 2012
13. Inteam Concert
14. Music gambus appearance at movie ͞Penanggal͟ Directed by Elly Suriati will lauch on Nov 28,2013
15. Second runner up CIMB Has Talent 2013
16. National Gambus Festival JKKN, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2013
17. Ampang Jazz Festival 2013
18. InTeam Accoustic Concert UIE, Bangi 2013
19. Session recording artist on musical records

My Oud Gadgets personal setting :

Semi acoustic Oud made in Turkey

Oud made by @luthier.tr
Strings made by @handmadestrings

Pickup : Oud Piezo from Hand Made Strings

Preamp : Fishman Blend @fishmanmusic
Head Amp : Fishman Loudbox Artist

Strings tuning : F (فا)، C (دو)، G (صول)، D (ري)، A (لى) ، G (صول). Wiring / Cables : Monster Cable
Boss CS-3  compressor sustainer
Boss DD-7 Digital delay
Boss OC-2 Octave
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss AC-3 Accoustic simulator
Boss NF-1 Noise Gate
Boss BF-3 Flanger
Boss RM-600 Rotary Mechine

Behringer TU300 chromatic tuner
Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer
MXR Phase 90
Proel PCS-1 Volume pedal
Wah Dunlop 95Q Baby Cry
Vocal effect : Digitech Live Harmony
Behringer PB1000 Pedals Board
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