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Ceppi Nyonk

Www.gitarisindonesia.com - Ceppi Nyonk, was Born at Balikpapan November 29th, 1988. Ceppi Nyonk  is one of  Indonesian Rock Guitarist. He Moved from balikpapan and Now he stay at Jakarta. He started to learn by himself since 1999 , he studied too with his uncle. And he ever studied  at IMI (Institute Music Indonesia)  but did not finish until graduation.

He inspired by Zack Wylde , Angus Young Ac/Dc, Eddie Van Hallen, Yngwie Malmsteen , Jimmy Page , Marty Friedman ,Joe Satriani , Chuck Berry, Garry Moore, Steve Vai , and he also inspired by Eet sjahranie (Edane), Feerzee hakim(pyramid), Edo widiz (voodoo), Ponch satrio, irvan sembiring (rotor)

Playing Experiences :
2011 joined with band Kristin Margareta
session player recording for Dycal siahaan (song :Love you better) single released
additional player Hip hop Young Lex
session player recording for Gahtan sakti (song sweeterku) single released
additional for Dycal siahaan

Solo Carrier :
2011 : setiap detik first single released
2013 : ep vol 1 (love my soul)
2014 : cover tanah air for youtube channel
2017 : Pea,Tequila drunk and To you (second single released)

Guitar setup and Equipment :
guitar (Radix Ges) -->amptweaker(tightrock)--dd3 boss delay

Social media :
instagram : Ceppi_Nyonk
facebook : Ceppi Nyonk
soundcloud : Ceppi nyonk
youtube : ceppinyonkofficial
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