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Alex Malmsteen

www.gitarisindonesia.com - Rahman Syarif is one of Indonesian rock guitarist. He was born at Makassar on September 8th, 1982. Alex Malmsteen is his nick name. He started to learn guitar by himself since he was secondary. At first, he used his father's acoustic guitar then he started to use electric guitar at 2012 when he was high school. He also got support of complete set of music instruments and sound systems from his grandfather.

He was inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, John Paul Ivan, Edo Widiz, Ian Antono, Puguh Kribo, Edi Kemput, Andy Owen, and Ipunk Power Metal.

He moved to Jakarta at 2006, joined "Prabu band" under Atlanta Record. At 2004, he become the finalist of Yamaha Contest for elektric guitar category as a representative from East side of Indonesia. At 2005, he became the finalist of Dream Band as a representative from East side of Indonesia. At 2008, joined with "Bintang Band" and signed-up a contract with Nagaswara. Still under Nagaswara supervision : he joined with Saleena Band at 2012, at 2014 with Dasi AD Band, at 2016 with Bintang Band again and at 2017 with Abad 21 band.

Solo career :
2015 "Cinta Kita" by Alex Malmsteen feat Sara.

Experience : on TV channels
2008 - 2010 Inbox (SCTV channel)
2010 Dahsyat (RCTI channel)
2017 "bersama 999 musisi" for the 9th celebration of Dahsyat RCTI and GCI (Guitar Community of Indonesia)
Magazine :
Audiopro Magz (GCI) 2018

Equipments :
Fender Stratocaster Scallop Yngwie malsmteen,  Line 6 version II, Marshall combo 12", TS9 Ibanez booster, Equalizer DOD.
Direct system (Gitar - Effect - Amplifier send return) and micking system.
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