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Bhayu Sapoetra

www.gitarisindonesia.com - Bhayu Sapoetra is a rock guitarist, he was born in Salatiga on March 31st 1984. He started to learn guitar since he was junior high school. Started from classical guitar then switch to learn electric guitar. At 2004, he learned eletric guitar with Tjahyo Wisanggeni. His style in playing guitar has influenced by Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Allan Holdsworth.

In 2012, he released his first instrumental album "Leap to Infinity", which is produced independently. This album contains 8 songs. it recorded at FF Studio, Salatiga. He realized that his first album still need a lot of improvements, both in terms of technical and composition. For now, he is working on production for the 2nd album, whose plans will be launched in 2018.

He became the guest guitarist for "Hard Core band" in the album "Finishing stroke" , album "Jerat Sekarat" (2017) & "13 Tanda Tanya". He also become the filler solo guitar for "death metal band" in the album of "Purwodadi Crown of rage", album "The essence of subliminal chaos". He also become filler the guitar solo in two songs "subliminal chaos" & "Scattered poltergeist songs".

Equipments: Bhayu sapoetra uses Schecter 7 strings, Diamond series. He uses direct amplifiers, and sometimes MXR distortion booster.

Discography: - Leap to infinity 2012, Digital compilation "Easy to extreme" 2015, Compilation of Metal force society 2016,  he become Filler solo guitar for songs 13 Tanda tanya , album Finishing Stroke, (dying thrill), 2017 Filler for solo guitar in the  subliminal chaos & scattered poltergeist, crown of rage album (the essence of subliminal chaos)2017.
E-mail: bhayu.sapoetra666@gmail.com

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