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Oele Pattiselanno

Oele Pattiselanno
Julius Sjoerd Pattiselanno born in Malang, April 22, 1946, also known as Oele Pattiselanno, is an Indonesian jazz guitarist. His teacher is Piet Pattiselanno, his own father who is also the leader of the Rame Dendang group in Surabaya.

Oele Pattiselanno was born from a family who loves music. Piet Pattiselano, Oele's father who was once an official at the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya is a Hawaian music player. At home, the father often plays jazz records like Stan Kenton, Oscar Peterson, to guitarists Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell. Five children of the Pattiselano family have been familiar with jazz since childhood. Oele's brothers, Jacky Pattiselanno and Perry Pattiselanno are jazz artists.

In the early 1960s, he formed a band that played Beatles songs and began playing at events such as weddings, playing music to dance people and others.

In 1963 Oele had also studied at Jack Lesmana in Surabaya, but soon Jack moved to Jakarta. Then in Surabaya joined the band named Crescendo, along with his two siblings, Perry (bass) and Jacky (drums), also Denny Jossal and Didi Soekarno. At that time, he played any type of music, such as jazz, Latin rhythm, and popular music. They have held shows in the Hall of Sahabat, Gelora Wijaya Kusuma, and various other entertainment venues.

In 1968, he and his sisters moved to Bandung and worked at the Savoy Homann Hotel and formed the band Savoy Rythm with Perry and Jacky Pattiselanno and reinforced Wimpy Pattipelohi. "Since then he believes he can live with a guitar even though he has to fight", he said.

In 1970, he moved to Jakarta and met again with Jack Lesmana, his first guitar teacher when he was in Surabaya. Jack Lesmana began to invite Oele to fill music for recordings such as accompanying Margie Segers and Rien Djamain. At the same time Oele began to play regularly for Jazz Riders with Jack Lesmana, Benny Mustapha and Benny Likumahuwa, Didi Chia and Sutrisno and played many dixieland styles.

Since then in the 40-year span he wanders with his guitar from one musical group to another. He also became a freelance player in various jazz events, including on Jazz on Sunday with Jack Lesmana jazz. After the Jazz Riders broke up Oele formed Trio Pattiselanno. Sometimes also assisted by Didi Chia, Jeffrey Tahalele and Douglas Verga. Oele also once formed the Melow Tones music group. He also led Oele Pattiselanno & Friends group with Didi Chia, Jilly Likumahuwa, Yance Manusama, Jacky Pattiselanno and Otty Jamalus

1976 - Jazz Masa Lalu & Masa Kini bersama Jack Lesmana.
1977 - Perina Merdeka bersama Jack Lesmana.
1978 - Merpati Putih bersama Jack Lesmana.
1978 - Ayahku Sahabatku bersama Jack Lesmana.
2000 - Jazz Masters bersama Benny Likumahuwa.
2002 - Talks bersama Riza Arshad.
2003 - OST Rumah Ke Tujuh bersama Indra Lesmana[2].
2014 - Oele Pattiselanno, Arief Setiadi, Jeffrey Tahalele ‎– Doa & Restumu
2017 - Essential Love bersama Revo Marty
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