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Beben Jazz

www.gitarisindonesia.com - Beben Jazz Is a Jazz activist, guitarist and vocalist who continues Spartan to fight for the existence of Jazz through the established community and led K J K (Kemayoran Jazz Community) to date, in the development of music in Indonesia is still considered minority. Computer World that has been in for 17 years in a national private bank as a programmer in leave it, as an effort, proof, his form of ketotalannya in pursue Jazz world. In addition to Jazz Science that he got autodidact before, he also had deepened the science of music at the Institute of Power Music,
studying privately with one of Indonesia's renowned swing guitarist Oele Pattiselano, and had also learned classical guitar in Vidi Vici Jakarta. Workshops organized by national and international musicians such as Mike Stern guitarist, Frank Gambale, Katzumi Watanabe etc. often in follow, in an effort to continue to study Music and Jazz.

In addition to being a jazz activist, musician and A Music Lecturer at Pelita Harapan University, as well as a lecturer with his wife at IMJ (Institute Musik Jalanan), Former Asian champion badminton th.1983 in Calcutta India is also an Event Organizer under the umbrella "BEBEN JAZZ MANAGEMENT "Who often manage, groups, jazzer-young jazzer to play in events, jazz festivals, jazz clubs and cafés that need Jazz band, this business effort also actually has its own mission with the intention to galvanize the young Jazz seeds to increasingly mature, as well as providing better welfare for his special jazz musicians.

His struggle in broadcasting the world of music and Jazz, also manifested in the world of media, in addition to leading a music magazine Free Magazine "SOUND UP", as the chief editor, who circulated 15 thousand copies.

And regularly he also acted as a resource person in a radio program "Jammin 'on Jazz" on radio stations TRIJAYA, Green Radio "Jazzy Hours", Delta FM, And Sonora Radio is still going on to date, which discusses the History of Jazz as well as one of the areas he taught in one private college (UNIVERSITAS PELITA HARAPAN, Faculty of Arts, and peeling everything about Jazz.

National Jazz event, until the international standard ever in his party along with his Beben Quartet feat. Carolina Kamarie (now his wife's wife Bata), and Beben Jazz & Friends, Jazz Jazz 2006, 2007, Jazz Jazz 2006, Bali Jazz Festival 2005, Jazz Goes to Campuss (where in this event he also acts as a jury with senior Jazz Idang Rasyidi, Benny Likumahua), Jazz GKJ Market and several other events. At the end of August 2007 with his group Beben Jazz & Friends also had Jam Session with Alto Saxophonist Dave Koz, at an event at Jak-TV TV Station.

in 2007 Beben Jazz released a single "satu yang pasti" of Swing to Jazzy, which is the 3rd track of the "Indonesian Jazzy Vocal too" Jazz Compilation CD and is also included in CD Compilation Album KJK Chapter One (2010) , with the help of his colleagues in the Jazz Community Kemayoran Ricky on (Bass), Leo (Alto Sax), Bobby (Piano), Revi Awondatu (Drums) And Inna Kamarie (Featuring Vocal), and the single was fruitless, 2 Nominees AMI Award Sharp for Jazz Category.

in addition to developing Jazz music, Beben also often collaborate with overseas musicians, beben friend & dave costas well as print mistery guitar books, solve the problem of musical theory, aims to promote Indonesian children 2015 - a total printout of 3000 copies in 6-8 months, Beben also has a mission to eradicate blindness to music theory in the field of Jazz music. as well as opening Beben jazz music Course class.

Gibson ES335 Semi hollow is a guitar that is often used by Beben Jazz, and Strings size 010-046, while the Amplifier used Clean direct system Blackstar warm, HT45 warm clean, palmer

Sequence of direct system version of Beben Jazz:
1. Guitar (Gibson ES335) - tuner - pedal wah blackcat - overdrive - Distortion- modulation delay - reverb - preamp - DI - mixer
2. Guitar (Gibson ES335) - tuner - pedal wah blackcat - overdrive - Distortion- modulation delay - reverb - preamp - DI - Amps preamps

influence: style influenced by Wesmontgomery, Jimmy page, Allan H, prefer Chet baker trumpet, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Coltrain, Yngwie Malmsteen.

his obsession in playing guitar is beneficial to others, and builds the nation through music. and hopes that playing music in Indonesia can play music in theory and practice.
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