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Ireng Maulana

Ireng Maulana (born Eugene Lodewijk Willem Maulana born in Jakarta, June 15, 1944 - died in Jakarta, March 6, 2016 at the age of 71) is an Indonesian jazz musician. He has also played with several junior musicians such as Bara, Andien, Iskandarsyah Siregar and Syaharani.

Ireng Maulana son of the couple Max Maulana with Georgiana Sinsoe. His musical talent declined from his father, a guitar player from Cirebon and his mother from Sangir, was a good singer who played the piano. Ireng name obtained in childhood. The younger brother of Kiboud Maulana had to be entrusted by his parents to others, to change his stubborn nature. The coincidence that received it was his neighbor, the Javanese, who then gave the new name "Ireng", which means black, although the skin of the child's white child is clean. Jazz jazz may be down from his uncle, Tjok Sinsoe, bass player in the jazz era of the 40s .

Until the age of adolescence Ireng has not been interested in music. Because there is a sense of responsibility to the family, because his father died, Ireng then French courses and typing, as well as bond book bonding course A and bond B. But musical talent began to tease. At the age of 16, Ireng had wrestled with musical instruments, especially the guitar. He began to follow his brother Kiboud Maulana, who was already a famous guitarist. Originally the goal is not to make money, just simply for style only. Then joined the band Joes & His Band, and began to participate in music festivals. Apparently in the race his group won the second champion, and he was selected as the best guitarist.

From Joes & His Band, he joined the Gelora Samudra music group playing at Hotel Des Indes Jakarta. In the 1960s with Bing Slamet, Idris Sardi and Eddy Tulis, founded the band Eka Sapta. The band was featured by Mus Mualim, to fill the Jazz TVRI corner show in the 1970s. The desire to deepen the guitar makes Ireng determined to migrate abroad for several years. He studied at the City Line Guitar Center of the United States, strangely he even learned to play classical guitar. After that proceed to deepen the music at Konijnklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, Netherlands. Beginning to learn jazz music instead of Mus Mualim.Pada in 1964, he had visited New York, participated in the filling event of the New York World Fair

In 1978 founded the Ireng Maulana All Stars group with eight members including Benny Likumahuwa, (trombone), Hendra Wijaya (piano), Maryono (saxophone), Benny Mustapha (drums), Karim Tes (trumpet), Roni, (bass) and Ireng Maulana himself on (guitar and banjo). The group continues to grow until Ireng Maulana Associates, an organization that joins jazz musicians in Jakarta. With this institution also Ireng organize an international jazz music party Jakarta Jazz Festival. In addition, he also performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands.

His appearance in the International Jazz Festival in Singapore, September 1983, may not be forgotten Ireng Maulana. With the flag of Ireng Maulana All Stars, the audience's welcome was unexpected. Initially unnerved, then at the end of the show they stood up, clapped their hands, and shouted the bus "(again) over and over again. The next day, on September 25, 1983, The Sunday Times, appeared with a story entitled Standing Ovation for Jazz Group. Things that are said to have never been done before by a Singapore audience, especially for jazz. The jazz critic Balbier S. Marcus commented that they are extraordinary and very perfect in their respective fields. "
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