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John Paul Ivan

John Paul Ivan with full name Johannes Paul Ivan (born in Surabaya, January 3, 1971)

Since junior Ivan was able to play the guitar. He often saw the guitar game Lucky (later Power Metal guitarist). His first guitar was a Yamaha brand that was purchased for Rp. 100,000 in that time. Since then he has continued to play the guitar and intends to become a rock guitarist.

Ivan also formed a band with Henry named Radd. Then Ivan had joined some bands like Bulldozer Surabaya. Then with Big Panzer had released 2 singles in the album INDONESIAN ROCK & METAL Harpa Records production in 1990.

In 1991, Ivan again met with Henry in the group LOST ANGELS which is the forerunner of BOOMERANG. In order to get a recording contract, he and his band followed the Rock Log Festival of Zhelebour in 1993. The appearance of him and his colleagues managed to draw the attention of the producer Log Zhelebour Loggis Records label owner. Finally Boomerang get the contract.

Together Boomerang has released the following albums: Boomerang (1994), Brain Contamination 1995, Disharmoni (1996), Triangle (1998), Hard and Heavy (1999), X'travaganza (2000), Vision Therapy and new albums in the year 2005 Urbanoustic. Now he has become one of the most respected rock guitarists in Indonesia. His trademark is hair criticism, longish, wild on stage, and carrying Gibson Les Paul. According to him in playing guitar he always try to understand how Jimi Hendrix playing guitar which he thinks is one of the few guitarists who can play out of the head. Although sometimes he does not realize that his game in certain songs invaded the influence of the guitarist-guitarist idolanya. It was recognized by Ivan himself.

In addition to being active with Boomerang, he also helped produce albums such as Sngkenken (hard core group from Surabaya), and Black Forest (ska alternative band). In choosing a guitar, he also includes a maniac guitarist using Gibson Les Paul. But he has also been contracted by Fender as an artist who appeared in the 50th anniversary of Fender Stratocaster event in several big cities in Indonesia along with other guitarists such as Tjahyo Wisanggeni, Andry Franzy, Rama Satria, etc. On the show he used a Fender guitar. He also appeared with the new appearance of his re-bonding hair that he thought made him younger again.

But besides that he also appeared quite another in the latest album Boomerang. He who once wanted Boomerang music even harder, now even featuring songs that are more ballad than ever. Maybe that's what became one of the causes he decided to leave the Boomerang.

This father of one child began to learn guitar since the age of 15 years when sitting in class III junior high school in JVC music school Surabaya. Initially, what was learned was a classical guitar. Half a year later, he decided to deepen the electric guitar. The band I liked the first time was Kiss. I know him from Lucky, a Power Metal guitarist who happens to be a classmate, said musicians who love Rock & Blues music.

The learning process continues to be developed in high school by taking extra curricular lessons of music. In class III (with his school friends) he formed a band called RADD which often brought Kiss songs. Graduated from school, Ivan's choice of music as a way of life by forming Lost Angel, embryo of Boomerang.

Ivan is a guitarist who loves to improvise. While still often bring the songs of other groups, for example, he did not want to cheat just like that. But first he will process it into another form. He confessed, in this way feel good because it can play with his own heart. Another advantage, he quickly developed his own technique. sumber wikipedia
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